WRA Welcomes Experienced Drainage Engineer

Tampa, Florida – WRA is excited to welcome an experienced drainage engineer to the team! Mohammad Abu Zafer Siddik, Ph.D. E.I.T started work at our Tampa office, on Monday, February 21st, 2022. Dr. Siddik has a Doctor of Philosophy in Civil & Environmental Engineering from West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia. Before joining the drainage engineering team at WRA, he worked as a stormwater engineer for the Sarasota County Government.

Dr. Siddik will assist the drainage engineering team with tasks such as:

  • Drainage analysis and design
  • Design street and lot grading
  • Adhere to State, City, and County Development Codes in Tampa area
  • Watershed basin modeling
  • Coordination of utilities
  • Environmental permitting
  • Design interconnected pond routing
  • Roadway and traffic control plan design
  • Design of sites, subdivisions, and commercial properties

Additionally, WRA is excited to leverage his experiences in modeling and analysis to provide additional efficiencies to the drainage engineering at WRA as WRA continues to grow.

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