Wiregrass Ranch

Since 2010 WRA has been providing planning and engineering design for multiple phases and owners throughout Wiregrass Ranch, one of the largest mixed-use master planned developments ever undertaken in the region. WRA is currently the civil engineer for approximately 1,000 acres within the development, including the 1,200-unit single family tract owned by Standard Pacific, now called Estancia, and multiple other tracts owned by Sierra Properties.


Starting in 2010, WRA began stormwater design and land planning for 1,000 acres of Wiregrass Ranch with Sierra Properties to develop a massive land plan that balanced fill requirements, ensured no adverse stormwater impacts onsite or offsite, and met the impaired water quality rules being implemented by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) at the time that rendered many similar sites infeasible for development.


Since then WRA has successfully designed and permitted master plans for various Phases of residential lot development and civil infrastructure through SWFWMD, Pasco County, and the Army Corp of Engineers. In 2012 the largest of Sierra’s holdings were acquired by Standard Pacific. WRA is currently developing construction plans for 1,200 residential units for Standard Pacific encompassing all aspects of civil infrastructure including roadways, water, sewer, and stormwater. WRA also continues to work with Sierra Properties on engineering feasibility assessments for land planning and stormwater management for over 200 acres of future development.