WRA Contracted to Complete the Range Complex Master Plan for Ft. Dix

Dix-WRA-ArmyWRA has been contracted to complete all the tasks required to accomplish the Vision, Goals, and Objectives of a Range Complex Master Plan (RCMP) for Army Support Activity (ASA) Dix/Fort Dix. These tasks include a full range assessment of all existing ranges on Dix to ensure compliance with standards and functionality to support the Army’s current mission. WRA will further evaluate the needs for Dix as units are moved to and from ASA Dix to evaluate the need for a combination of new ranges or upgrades to existing ranges to keep Dix ahead of the ever evolving training demands. The final product produced by WRA will be a fully functional RCMP that addresses the current training mission and evaluates needs into the future so Dix can be prepared to execute as needed.