Withlacoochee Phase VII

Withlacoochee Master Regional Water Supply Planning and Implementation Program

Phase VII – Water Feasibility Analyses

Withlacoochee Regional Water Supply Authority (WRWSA)

WAT-withlacoochee4_530Utilizing SWFWMD’s “Northern District Model” and other appropriate tools, the Authority sought to determine a planning level estimate of how much additional groundwater can be withdrawn (allocated) in order to devise a range of management schemes to minimize impacts on adopted flows or levels.  WRA interpreted these results for local communities otherwise lacking in technical support so that they could optimize existing wellfield expansions and the location of future wellfields without causing an MFL violations, to plan for appropriate capital improvements and densities and intensities of development set forth in local comprehensive plans, and to provide meaningful feed-back to the District.  Through this mechanism, the Authority can further refine the Master Regional Water Supply Plan based upon established Minimum Flows and Levels as well as evolving regional and sub-regional water supply strategies.