Withlacoochee Phase II

Withlacoochee Master Regional Water Supply Planning and Implementation Program

Phase II – Detailed Water Supply Feasibility Analyses

WAT-withlacoochee3_600Withlacoochee Regional Water Supply Authority (WRWSA)

WRA evaluated potential water sources to assess environmental impacts, ability to permit, public perception, long-term viability of source, relative cost and time required to implement, conflicts with existing sources, ability to serve multiple users, and compatibility with current utility systems.  Detailed analyses prepared during Phase II will progress in a manner largely corresponding with priority areas identified in the updated Master Regional Water Supply Plan (Phase I) as areas of the region with the highest water supply demand.  Phase II described and prioritized proposed projects based on a more in-depth analysis than the previous report.  This analysis included project sizing, cost-estimation, cost-benefit analyses, timing/scheduling and optimization of potential projects.