Wetland Delineation-Florida

Wetland Delineation Florida

Hillsborough County, Florida

WRA provided environmental and engineering services for DKS property’s proposed gated executive estate community in eastern Hillsborough County. This 726 acre reclaimed phosphate mine site contains 92 wetlands in both forested and herbaceous classifications.

Wetlands in this site naturally developed in the clay furrows deposited from phosphate mining overburden. After mining ceased, natural recruitment of herbaceous, forested and exotic plant species colonized the wet areas. The uplands were converted to cattle ranch lands maintaining a predominantly open landscape.

WRA initially performed a rapid, agency confirmed, ‘safe upland line’ (approximate wetland line) and buffer zone to enable the developer to begin site work with the comfort of knowing that wetland resources would be preserved and unintended wetland impacts would not occur.

WRA further developed and refined the wetland boundary in determining the agency verified wetland line. Due to the disturbed soils, many tools customarily utilized in determining wetland boundaries were not available. WRA staff developed site-specific wetland delineation methodology relying on vegetative indicators to efficiently delineate this site. Over 24 miles of survey was performed to accomplish this task.

To increase value to our client, WRA utilized remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to establish the probable location of wetlands prior to field visits and to coordinate the survey crews as the wetland line markers were verified. This resulted in decreased field time and considerable cost savings to the client.

Project Components

Rapid Wetland Determination
Wetland Classification-Florida
Wetland Delineation-Florida
GIS Analysis
Remote Sensing
Survey Oversight (QA/QC)
Permit Agency Coordination

Wetland Delineation