Wellhead Protection Study

Wellhead and Resource Protection Study – Hillsborough County, FL

WRA EngineeringWRA designed and facilitated the review and update of the Hillsborough County Wellhead Protection Ordinance.  WRA worked with a diverse group of stakeholders including technical experts in the field, local water suppliers, industry representatives that were potentially impacted by the ordinance and environmental advocates.  The ordinance now includes both groundwater and surface water projects based on the implementation of the Tampa Bay Water Master Water Supply Plan which includes both wellfields and surface water withdrawals to supply the region’s water demands.

The process included a series of meetings that educated both the stakeholders group and the Board of County Commissioners on the importance of water supply protection and how the planning and zoning process could be used to accomplish it.  The processes resulted in a consensus document that was used to draft and ultimately finalize and adopt an ordinance that has been instrumental in protecting potable water supplies for the Tampa Bay region.