Advisor to USEPA-ACT/ACF

WRA EngineeringWater Resource Advisor to USEPA-ACT/ACF Water Allocation Formula Negotiations

WRA was a special assistant to the USEPA Region 4 – Administrator in the formulation of water allocation strategies for the Alabama/Coosa/Talapoosa and Apalachicola/Chattahoochee/Flint River Basins conflict.  Existing and proposed management operations and future water withdrawals from within the river basins have generated ongoing litigation between Alabama, Florida and Georgia over impacts to downstream water users, commerce and environmental features.  The preferred settlement of the states differences has been through a negotiated river basin compact.

WRA provided facilitation and technical services as the compact was developed and refined.  WRA created a basin plan format which assisted the players in the dispute to better assess potential impacts of different water management strategies on their respective needs.  WRA’s other responsibility was to ensure that proposed amendments to the draft compact were consistent with the Federal Clean Water Act.