US Military Range Design

Fort Carson, Colorado

WRA provided complete architectural – engineering US military range design and construction support services for the Multipurpose Machine Gun (MPMG) training range at Fort Carson, Colorado. The USACE-Omaha District directed/managed this specific delivery order awarded under WRA’s Huntsville RTLP ID/IQ contract.
The MPMG range is used to train and test soldiers on many of the skills our elite forces require in preparation for service. This range supports light through heavy machine gun, Mk-19, and M21/24 sniper weapons. The MPMG range is based on the Huntsville standards, with unique modifications to best fit the range to the existing terrain, as well as to meet site specific surface danger zone (SDZ) limitations. Environmental and stormwater requirements implemented by both the USACE and Fort Carson were critical components considered during design. The modified US military range design included 9 standard training lanes that meet both the Ft. Carson mission objectives as well as minimizing environmental impacts to major drainage features.
The Range Operations and Control Area (ROCA) included the following standard buildings: Range Control Tower, Classroom Building, Operations / Storage Building, Covered Mess, Covered Bleacher, Ammunition Breakdown Building, and Vaulted Latrine. The building designs are considered “smart” designs that incorporate practical, energy saving design elements meeting the intent of LEED guidance within the range program amount.
The design was completed on time and within budget. The construction award was significantly below WRA’s construction cost estimate and construction was completed in 2011.
Project Components

Project Management
Site Planning
Line-of-Sight Analysis
Stormwater Design
Channel Stabilization
ACOE Wetland Coordination
Permitting Facilitation
Mass Grade Optimization
Advance Terrain Modeling
Construction Documents
Specifications (SpecsIntact)
M-CACES Cost Estimates
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