Urban Assault Course – Fort Carson, Colorado

Fort Carson, Colorado

Urban Assault Course

Congratulations to WRA for completing the design of the Urban Assault Course at Fort Carson Colorado, on time and within budget!  Construction was completed in 2011 at below WRA’s estimated costs.

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This course is used to train platoons, squads, and individual soldiers on tactics used in an urban setting.

There are 5 stations of the Urban Assault Course:

Station 1 – Team and Individual Solider Trainer

Station 2 – Platoon and Squad Trainer

Station 3 – Grenadier Gunnery Trainer, 40mm HE grenades will not be used

Station 4 – Urban Offense and Defense Trainer, no live fire training

Station 5 – Underground Trainer, no smoke or pyrotechnics to be employed in the underground

Fully automated targets are computer driven from the operations center.  Stations 1, 2, & 4 have targets which are reconfigurable with plug and play capacity.

Requirements for Targetry:

Station 1 – 6 interior precision human urban targets (HUT)

Station 2 – 10 interior precision human urban targets (HUT)

Station 3 – 6 non precision exterior targets and 7 non-precision targets with a total of 13 targets

Station 4 – 10 interior precision targets

Station 5 – no requirements
urban assault course