Trinity Oaks HOA Services

Trinity Oaks HOA Engineering Services

Pasco County, FL

Since 2003, Water Resource Associates (WRA) has been providing Engineering Services to the Homeowners Association, a 400-home subdivision located on the south side of Mitchell Road, west of Little Road in Pasco County, FL.


WRA performs bi-annual inspections of over 40 stormwater management facilities within Trinity Oaks, and provides engineering design, retrofit and maintenance recommendations to alleviate flooding issues and bring non-compliant systems into compliance with permit conditions.


During design and permitting of the TrinityElementary School adjacent to the Trinity Oaks community, WRA provided peer review oversight of the proposed design plans for the school to ensure no adverse impacts to flood-vulnerable area of the Trinity Oaks stormwater management system. WRA represented the Trinity Oaks HOA at public meetings regarding these issues.


WRA also worked in coordination with PascoCounty to identify stormwater conveyance constrictions within Duck Slough that were causing improper drainage to Trinity Oaks and both the upstream and downstream communities.  WRA provided forensic engineering services to identify the location and cause of the restriction as well as the adverse impacts to infrastructure in the neighboring communities, establish responsible parties, provide mediation services to negotiate a resolution, and provide construction management to ensure repairs were performed properly.