Swannee River Program

Suwannee River Water Management District-Wide Minimum Flows & Levels Program


WRA was selected by the Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD) to develop the District MFL Program through 2011.  This Program included over 30 springs, and 14 major river systems including the Suwannee River.


The project scope of work involved data compilation and review, data analysis, MFL criteria development and provision of recommended MFL flow regime that would satisfy all of the water resource and human values required by Section 62-40.473, FAC.


Additionally, WRA has developed a data collection program, withdrawal impact prediction models and prepared an MFL implementation plan for the District.  The scope also included extensive stakeholder involvement and Governing Board participation.


Issue specific investigations for this project included water quality impacts of low flows, impacts to significant habitat, recreation and water supply.  Additionally, WRA has developed a comprehensive MODFLOW groundwater model to provide a permitting evaluation tool for the District that incorporates the distinctive SRWMD Karst geology.


WRA provided an extensive public outreach program to advise interested parties about the requirements for an MFL and the implications it will have on existing and future permit holders.