South Lake Regional Water Initiative – UPDATE

The South Lake Regional Water Initiative (SLRWI) had a project kick-off meeting on December 2, 2014, where Water Resource Associates (WRA) acted as the project manager. The meeting focused on seven agenda items ranging from project administration to recent groundwater modeling results with the Central Florida Water Initiative (CFWI) region. Specific agenda items addressed by WRA staff included an overview of the 2007 Lake County Water Supply Plan by Pete Hubbell (Principal), a discussion regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the current groundwater modeling within the CFWI by Mike Alfieri, P.G. (Principal Hydrogeologist), and a brief discussion focusing on the current state of indirect potable reuse within Florida and its potential within the south Lake County by Mark Farrell, P.E. (Principal/Past-President WateReuse Florida). The SLRWI group was formed with the vision of intra-government/utility cooperation to solve the south Lake County’s current and future water resource demands.