Sniper Training Range

Sniper Training Range exercises provide a sniper with practical experience in a detecting and engaging realistic targets under field conditions on range comparable to a battlefield. This training also provides a sniper with a means to practice the various sniper training fundamentals he or she has been taught previously, often collectively. These exercises may or may not be graded; however, competition is a proven method to obtain desired results. At the end of the exercises, the instructor will critique the sniper on his or her performance to include observation, range estimation, concealment, concealed movement, and rifle firing. These exercises include:

– Zeroing and practice fire
– Field firing
– Observation
– Range estimation
– Concealment and concealed movement
– Land navigation
– Record exercises
– KIM games

During all sniper training range exercises, the individual sniper should be equipped as indicated. Team equipment should be available as needed.

a. A standard known-distance range, graduated in 100 meter increments from 100 to 1,000 meters, is required for the zeroing exercises. The target detection range facilities and procedure should permit observation and range determination to 800 meters.

b. The ideal field firing range should be located on terrain that has been left primarily in its natural state. The range should be a minimum of 800 meters in dept with provisions along the firing line for several sniper positions within each lane to provide a slightly different perspective of the target area. Where time precludes construction of a separate range, it may be necessary to superimpose this facility over an existing field firing range.

Sniper Training Range