Scout Reconnaissance Range – RECCE

Camp Blanding

WRA has been selected by the Florida Army National Guard and is currently commencing civil engineering and range design for a $16M Scout Reconnaissance Range (RECCE) at Camp Blanding, FL as part of the POND & Company Team. The 450-ac Scout Reconnaissance Range RECCE will include nearly three miles of armored vehicle maneuver trails, and will be one of the largest military training ranges in the State of Florida. The Scout RECCE range is used to train and test scout vehicle crews on the skills necessary to detect, identify, engage and defeat stationary/moving infantry and stationary/moving armor targets in a tactical array.

In addition to the vehicle course, there are four lanes of Multipurpose Machine Gun (MPMG) qualification lanes. These lanes are used to train and test soldiers on the skills necessary to zero, detect, identify, engage and defeat Stationary Infantry Targets (SITs),
Moving Infantry Targets (MITs), and Stationary Armor Targets (SATs) in a tactical array with the individual and crew served weapons organic to a scout platoon or company/troop.

WRA will also utilize it’s 3D visualization package to help illustrate the range in a 3D environment at all project design milestones. This will put the end user in greater control of the design to ensure they receive the best sustainable end product to train the soldiers.

Camp Blanding Joint Training Center is a military training base for the Florida National Guard, located in Clay County, Florida near the city of Starke, FL.

Scout Reconnaissance Range