Riva Pointe Subdivision

Riva Pointe Subdivision

Pinellas County, FL

In 2005, WRA was contracted by Riva Pointe, LLC, to perform engineering design, permitting and construction management of a single family water front subdivision in an area of Pinellas County near Tarpon Springs where adequate existing water and sewer utilities were not available. In addition to inadequate utility service, the property had been deemed undevelopable by previous engineers and permit review staff due to significant floodplain coverage across the property.


Between 2005 and 2007, WRA was able to facilitate coordination between the developer, the City of Tarpon Springs Utility Department and the Pinellas County Public Works staff to secure permits for a 2,500 ft water main upgrade, 3,000 ft force main installation with Lift Station and work within the substandard Pinellas County ROW.


In additional to the engineering design required to secure water and sewer utility permits, WRA was able to implement a creative stormwater management system design that provided floodplain compensation throughout the project site to offset fill within the floodplain. Through extensive coordination with the SWFWMD, WRA was able to secure the surface water management permit at one time throughout to be unattainable to the extensive floodplain coverage throughout the site.


WRA will continue to provide construction management services throughout the ongoing construction activities.