Regional Water Plan

WAT-CRWSP1_500Conceptual Regional Water Supply Plan

Chiefland/Fanning Springs/Trenton, Florida

The District’s land acquisition efforts for both the cities of Fanning Springs and Trenton for water supply had been unsuccessful. Fanning Springs initiated discussions with the District and City of Chiefland to determine if there was interest in using the District’s property to serve both Chiefland and Fanning Springs.  During the discussions the City of Trenton was invited to participate in the process to explore the development of a regional water supply system.  These municipal governments agreed to collaborate to assess the feasibility of developing a regional water supply system to expand their water supply systems to meet future demands, ensure system reliability, and as a potential emergency back-up system. Further, the communities developed “Points of Agreement”) that outlined the importance of a regional approach and established a framework to achieve a successful approach to implement a regional water supply system


Water Resource Associates (WRA) was contracted by the District in May 2007 to develop a conceptual regional water supply plan for the cities and the study included:


  • Coordination with local governments and District staff;
  • Coordinating and facilitating workshops with local governments;
  • Evaluation of existing water supply facilities;
  • Wellfield design and costing;
  • Development of the Conceptual Regional Facilities Plan;
  • Identification of existing and future water resources data and demands;
  • Determination of future data requirements; and
  • Identification of regulatory requirements to implement the Plan.