9 Planning Charrettes

Planning Charrettes and DD Form 1391

RTLP Program Office, USACE Huntsville District

WRA is contracted by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) Huntsville District to support the Range and Training Land Program (RTLP) Office in conducting Planning Charrettes and preparing DD Forms 1391 to support the Army MILCON projects and various installations. The Delivery Order is part of WRA’s 5-year, Small Business RTLP contract with the Huntsville District.


WRA’s primary tasks include participation in Planning Charrettes, gathering key installation data, preparing conceptual range layouts, developing and documenting range cost estimates. This effort concludes with WRA preparing DD 1391’s to support the Sustainable Range Program (SRP) funded military construction projects for the Army’s FY12 – 17 Program Objective Memorandum (POM).  WRA utilizes the US Army Programming Administration & Execution (PAX) System  to complete the DD 1391’s and provides a Basis of Estimate which supports the cost data included in the PAX system.


WRA maintains the role as Program/Project Manager and provides technical support for the necessary disciplines needed to prepare a defendable DD 1391 and range cost estimate (i.e. civil, architectural, electrical, and structural). The range layouts reflect the most current range design guidance, including the TC 25-8 standards.


WRA’s RTLP support to date have included ranges at the following installations.

–  Ft. Devens, MA (ARF and CP/MPQC)
–  Ft. Bliss, TX (ISBC, MRF, and MPMG)
–  Ft. Hood, TX (ISBC and DAGIR)
–  Ft. Carson, CO (ISBC)
–  Ft. Bliss, TX (CP/MPQC)
–  Ft. Knox, KY (DAGIR)
–  Ft. Riley, KS (IPBC)
–  Ft. Stewart, GA (CLF)
–  Camp Ravenna, OH National Guard (MRF)

Project Components

  • Project Management
  • Site Planning
  • 3D Visualization
  • PAX System Documentation
  • Basis of Estimate Support