Pasco County Water Plan

Pasco County Water Resources Master Plan

Pasco County, FL

Water Resource Associates (WRA) was engaged by Pasco County in 1997 to prepare the Pasco County Water Resources Master Plan (Plan).  The term of the project was 12 months.

PascoCounty desired an assessment of their available water resources within PascoCounty, current and future water demand estimates and recommendations to meet future water demand.  Concurrently, the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) was preparing the SWFWMD Regional Water Supply Plan.  PascoCounty also wanted assurance that the SWFWMD plan accurately reflected the conditions in PascoCounty.


The Plan tasks included evaluation of the following elements:


I.    Ground Water and Surface Water Availability

II.   Wastewater Reuse

III.  Conservation

IV. Water Use

V.  Meeting Future Water Use Demand

VI. Recommendations


Water use estimates prepared by WRA were incorporated into the SWFWMD Regional Water Supply Plan as best available information.  The Plan recommended several alternatives for meeting future demand including:


  • Capital Projects
  • Demand Management Initiatives for potable and reclaimed water use
  • Land Use Planning Alternatives to be included in County Comprehensive Plan update
  • Watershed Protection Projects
  • Utility Ordinances for potable and reclaimed water pricing


–          Project initiation and project management/administration throughout the duration of the project.


–          Establishment and use of a Project Management System


Phase 2:

–          Assessment and collection of consumptive use permit (CUP) data

–          Characterization of current water resources

–          Analysis of various population and demand projections

–          GIS mapping


Phase 3:

–          Identification of alternative water supply development projects,

–          Review of existing regional monitoring programs

–          Final reporting.