Paris Island Training Range Re-Opens

APRIL 2022 – PARRIS ISLAND – A 34-million dollar improvement project for the Marine Corps at Parris Island re-opens 4 known distance ranges in April 2022.

Reopening in time for this year’s rifle qualifications, the project started in October 2019. The goal of the project was to revamp the four training ranges which serve not just Marine recruits, but also local area units security forces, and forces from the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany. These troops will use the range for level marksmanship, training, and the annual rifle qualifications.

The original training facility was built almost 80 years ago. WRA Engineering was tasked with updating the military training range with a new type of barrier war, and a new berm wall for improved safety. These improvements also help protect the surrounding environment from projectiles. Modular projectile absorbing panels into the berm walls help absorb more projectiles and require less maintenance which translates to less time the ranges need to be closed during the year. WRA also used their drainage engineering expertise to raise the range 12 feet and protect it from flooding during all kinds of weather.

4,000 recruits are expected to make use of the ranges this year, and an estimated 20,000 recruits will be trained on these ranges. Thus, each of the four known distance training ranges can expect to serve 5,000 shooters in a single year.

Paris Island Training Range
Paris Island Training Range

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