Mortar Range

A mortar range is used to train mortar crews on the skills necessary to apply fire mission data, engage, and hit stationary targets in a tactical array.

Primary features include:
Surveyed firing points
Dedicated impact areas with hard targets

A mortar range does not require automation.

This range may be next to a unit maneuver area. It can then support maneuver training with tactical smoke and illumination. Approximately 10 surveyed firing points are needed on each division post to calibrate aiming circles.

Natural terrain and vegetation should remain undisturbed to the maximum extent possible.

Based on safety, forward observation areas are located in front of firing areas and slightly to the flank of primary mortar to target lanes.

A common impact area is used for all types of mortars. It is at least 2,000 meters wide and 6,000 meters deep. Firing at a maximum and minimum range is obtained by using different firing points.

Mortar Range