Michael C. Alfieri, Principal Hydrogeologist Contributes to Suggested Practices for Aquifer Storage and Recovery

Michael C. Alfieri, P.G.(Professional Geologist), P.Hg. (Professional Hydrologist), CGWP (Certified Groundwater Professional), Principal Hydrogeologist at WRA Engineering, was asked by National Ground Water Association, NGWA, to contribute as part of a task group to create the Best Suggested Practices (BSP) for Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR). This document provides information for consideration ranging from desktop feasibility studies to maintenance of a constructed ASR system, and was specifically written to help with planning and implementation of aquifer storage and recovery primarily for potable source water. This NGWA initiative will benefit consulting geologists and engineers, local and regional government agencies, and more to conceptualize, plan and scope ASR projects.


ASR is a proven method to increase water supply reliability by recharging aquifers with available water during surpluses and recover it when needed most. As the demand on water resources in Florida continues to grow, the need for established water supply technologies, such as ASR, continues to increase. From evaporative loss avoidance to fiscal savings, aquifer storage offers many benefits.

 Topics included in the BSP are:

    Overview of ASR;

    Planning, phased implementation,
and project scaling;

    Components of an ASR system;

    Source water;

    Receiving aquifer characteristics;

    Drilling methods, well design, and construction;

    Monitoring an ASR system;

    Evaluating system performance;

    Regulatory and policy requirements; and

    Stakeholder involvement.

 For more information on NGWA’s BSPs, visit: http://www.ngwa.org/Professional-Resources/bsp/Pages/default.aspx

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