Marion County Water Study


Water Resource Associates (WRA) was selected by Marion County to provide a comprehensive long-term water supply plan that would lay out future sources of water including new groundwater and surface water sources.  The area modeled is a Priority Water Resource Caution Area due to wetland and lake impacts.

Water Resource Management | WRA, Inc. Tampa FLThe WRAMS utilized the SJRWMD North-Central Model to locate and evaluate an additional 30 mgd of groundwater withdrawals to be permitted with SJRWMD over the next 8-10 years.  Environmental impacts were identified and impacts to potential MFLs for the Rainbow and Silver Springs and Ocklawaha River and lakes and wetlands across the County.  WRA, in conjunction with the SJRWMD, estimated the future MFL quantities for these waterbodies and developed a future groundwater withdrawal options.


Significant plan elements included:

  •  Develop future water supply needs through 2055
  •  Develop future water source assessment
  •  Assess conservation of water
  •  Develop a springs protection program
  •  Assess land planning and development process
  •  Review of Comprehensive Plan to better address water management
  •  Review and recommendations for regional water management efforts
  •  Implementation plan


Mark Farrell, P.E. facilitated 14 stakeholder meetings and presented to three County Commission meetings to garner support for water supply alternatives and permit applications.


The WRAMS was funded and conducted in cooperation with the SJRWMD and SWFWMD.  The WRAMS was completed in April 2007.