Live Fire Exercise Shoothouse

The Live Fire Exercise Shoothouse provides the leader with a facility to train and evaluate the unit during a live fire exercise. Units are trained and evaluated on their ability to move tactically (enter and clear a room; enter and clear a building), engage targets, conduct breaches and practice target discrimination.

Primary feature include:
Facility divided into eight separate rooms & 2 corridors for a minimal net training capability of 1400 square feet
Twenty Target/camera outlets
Thirteen Precision human urban targets (HUT)

All targets are fully automated and the event specific target scenario is computer driven and scored from the range operations center. The range operating system is fully capable of providing immediate performance feedback to the using participants. All targetry are life-like precision targets that have reconfigurable plug and play capability.

Associated Range Operations and Control facilities:
Operations/Storage Building (17122)
Latrine (73075)
Small AAR Building (17118)

Additional information: A roof does not reduce 360 degree SDZ, but is there to reduce light, weather protection, enhance realism and provide superstructure for an overhead crane.

Live Fire Exercise Shoothouse