Light Demolition Range

This Light Demolition Range is used to train individual soldiers on the employment techniques of explosives and demolitions.

Primary features include:
Safety berms (on each side of demolition points)
Three Missile-proof shelters
Class V issue storage bunker

No automation is required for this facility.

Associated Range Operations and Control facilities:
No ROCA facilities required.

Additional Information:
Wire obstacle width – seven meters, length twenty meters. Use one Bangalore kit to breach the obstacle. Minefield width – ten meters, length twenty meters. Mines may be placed on the surface or buried.

Steel-cutting site width – ten meters; length thirty-five meters. There are eight concrete base supports (four on each side of the road) for placement of logs. Poles should be no longer than thirty-six centimeters in diameter nor taller than ten meters. Charges should be placed to prevent damage to the concrete base.

Concrete Obstacle is constructed with concrete cubes or tetrahedrons. It is 10X30 meters. The road crater site must be refilled after each use.

Light Demolition Range