Lake Tarpon Subdivision

CIV-tarpon1Villas of San Marino at Lake Tarpon Subdivision

Pinellas County, FL

In 2005, WRA was contracted by Villas of San Lake Tarpon, LLC, to perform engineering design, permitting and construction management of a mixed single/multi family water front subdivision on Lake Tarpon in Pinellas County. Design challenges included a non-conforming land use designation, substandard roadway access and unique grading obstacle where the developer required that the stormwater pond be placed in the center of the property so as not to obstruct access to Lake Tarpon. This posed an engineering challenge as the center of the property was a topographic ridge over 20’ higher than the banks of Lake Tarpon.


WRA assisted in facilitating modifications to the Landuse designation to secure entitlements for development. WRA also negotiated with Pinellas County Public Works staff reasonable offsite roadway improvement adjacent to the site than included widening the County access roadway and constructing 600’ of new County roadway beyond the project entrance to improve access for existing homeowners.


CIV-tarpon2In order to design the project site with the primarily stormwater management facility located along the central ridge of the property, a mass grading plan was designed that removed over ten feet of fill over two acres from the center of the property and redistributed it at the project perimeters. With the project site graded level, the stormwater pond was installed at the center of the property and retaining walls were designed at the project perimeters to retain offsite land where the ridge was removed and onsite land where the fill was redistributed.


WRA will provide construction management services throughout the ongoing construction activities.