Jabil Campus Wetlands

Jabil Office Campus Wetland Restoration

City of St. Petersburg, Florida

WRA provided engineering, environmental and permitting services for Jabil Circuit’s proposed office corporate headwaters in Pinellas County. This 96-acre property was the largest undeveloped tract in St. Petersburg, and due to unanticipated spoil disposal problems the City was targeting this private property for emergency disposal of dredge spoil from Lake Maggiore. WRA facilitated an agreement between the City, the contractor, and the landowner to accept and beneficially use the dredge material without affecting the development of the office campus.


There was a highly impacted 14-acre freshwater marsh on the site, which had lost its hydrology, been used for four-wheeling, and become overrun with nuisance vegetation. WRA saw an opportunity to restore this wetland by beneficially using the polymer-stabilized dredge spoil beneath the wetland, capping the spoil with clayey fill, and restoring the wetland above the spoil disposed. WRA developed and permitted the wetland impact and mitigation plans, the development’s stormwater system and hydrologic designs, and developed surfacewater and groundwater monitoring plans. Approximately 70,000 native plants were installed in the restored wetland and 400,000 cubic yards of stabilized dredge material were used. Additionally, a separate 3-acre onsite wetland was enhanced through melaleuca removal and planting of native vegetation. Construction inspection for the project involved monitoring of construction activities in the vicinity of the wetlands. The project is believed to be the first freshwater wetland reconstruction using capped dredge material in Florida.

Project Components

  • Wetland Assessment and Restoration Design
  • Hydraulic/Hydrologic Analysis
  • Permit Facilitation
  • Construction Management
  • Biological Monitoring
  • Contractor Procurement
  • Water Quality Assessment
  • Dredge Spoil Disposal