Infiltration Course

This Infiltration Course is used to train individual soldiers on combat movement techniques in a realistic live-fire environment.

Primary features include:
50 X 100 meter Movement Area
2 Fixed Machine Gun Positions (w/Safety measures installed)
2 Barbed Wire Obstacles
9 Demolition Pits
2 Log Obstacles

No automation is required for this facility.

Associated Range Operations and Control facilities:
Operations/Storage Building (17122)
Bleacher Enclosure (75061)
Latrine (73075)

Additional Information: Construct surface danger fans for each machine gun; establish firing procedures and overhead clearance of personnel in accordance with AR/DA Pam 385-63.

When this range is opened, test fire each machine gun. Conduct test firings before each use of the range to determine dispersion pattern. Use machine gun traverse and elevating stops to prevent firing beyond the right and left limits of fire or below minimum elevations.

Infiltration Course