Infantry Squad Battle Course

This Infantry Squad Battle Course complex is used to train and test infantry squads on the skills necessary to conduct tactical movement techniques, detect, identify, engage and defeat stationary and moving infantry and armor targets in a tactical array.

Primary features include:
1 Moving armor targets
6 Moving infantry targets
2 Trench obstacles
6 Stationary armor targets
20 Stationary infantry targets
5 Machine gun/Observation bunkers (w/sound effects simulator)

All targets are fully automated and the event specific target scenario is computer driven and scored from the range operations center. The range operating system is fully capable of providing immediate performance feedback to the using participants.

Associated Range Operations and Control facilities:
Standard Small Arms ROCA facilities

Additional information: Target locations are site adapted. All must be located in areas that support desired tactics and the user’s training requirements.

All trenches, bunkers, and target emplacements must simulate typical threat scenarios. Mortar simulation device emplacements are located in areas from which unfriendly mortar fire is to be simulated. Helicopter landing areas, designed for heavy use, should be located to support aerial insertion and extraction of the squad.

Infantry Squad Battle Course