Hand Grenade Qualification Course

This Hand Grenade Qualification Course is used to train and test individual soldiers on the skills necessary to employ hand grenades against stationary target emplacements.

Primary features include:
Seven individual stations

No automation is required for this facility. All targets/facades are fixed at required distances.

Associated Range Operations and Control facilities:
Standard Small Arms ROCA Facilities
Except No Range Operations Center, Small (17123)

Additional information: The qualification course allows soldiers to use fused practice hand grenades to engage targets in natural terrain under simulated combat conditions.

Station one – engage a group of F-Type silhouettes in opening from a two man foxhole. Targets thirty-five meters to front beyond squad’s protective wire.

Station two – engage a bunker with two firing potholes

Station three – engage a fortified 82mm mortar position from twenty meters

Station four – engage groups of targets behind cover twenty meters distance

Station five – clear an entry point to a trench twenty-five meters distance

Station six – engage troops in halted, open wheeled vehicle twenty-five meter distance

Station seven – identify hand grenades by shape, coloring, markings, and capabilities

Hand Grenade Qualification Course