Hand Grenade Familiarization Range

This Hand Grenade Familiarization Range is used to train and test individual soldiers in the employment of live fragmentation hand grenades.

Primary features include:
Four Throwing bays

No automation is required for this facility. All targets are fixed at required distances

Associated Range Operations and Control facilities:
Standard Small Arms ROCA Facilities
Except No Range Operations Center, Small (17123)

Additional information: Steel, concrete or wooden revetments or earthen berms. 1.8 meters-high should separate at least two of the bays from the other two and extend out 50 meters. This permits practice to continue on half the range if a dud occurs. Ideally, dividers separate all of the bays.

Sand-filled drums provide an aiming point for the soldier as he or she throws the grenade.

Hand Grenade Familiarization Range