Ft. Campbell – Scout Recce

WRA provided project management and architectural/engineering design for the FY12 Scout Reconnaissance (SRR) Range at Fort Campbell, KY which has a four lane MPMG down the center as shown by the yellow lane lines.  Extensive mass grading and line of sight analysis were required to condense all standard Scout Recce targetry, including multiple Moving Armored Targets (MATs), onto a narrow ridgeline with significant topographic drop off to either side.  Clay soils combined with significant mass grading and channelization by course roads required careful stormwater management design to minimize maintenance issues and maximize sustainability. Unique roadway, targetry, and electrical design methods were implemented to minimize UXO clearance cost since multiple targets were required to be placed within an artillery impact area.


The Design and construction schedule were carefully coordinated to address multiple environmental and cultural resources concerns and permitting involving endangered species, tree clearing, stream/wetland crossings, and multiple areas of cultural significance. WRA coordinated a utility extension from off the installation with a private provider to supply power to the range. The range was overlaid onto an existing facility; therefore considerable value engineering efforts were made to effectively utilize existing service and access roads throughout the proposed range.


The design was completed on time and within budget. 3D Visualization was used in the design and an interactive model formatted to be used on Installation computers was provided to Range Control staff to showcase their facilities and run briefings.  WRA is currently providing construction support services.