Automated Record Fire Range

Automated Record Fire Range

FCC 17805 – Automated Record Fire range is created to train troops on the skills necessary to identify and defeat stationary targets, with the M16 and M4 rifles, for both night and day qualification. This range can
also be used for practice with automatic rifles.

Alternatively the same training that the Automated Record Fire Range is designed for could also be performed on a Modified Record Fire range. All targets should be thermal capable.

Downrange Layout:
Targets must be placed as close as possible to the
below prescribed distances. Distances may vary
by plus or minus one meter in to keep the targets our of drainage areas or depressions.

The Automated Record Fire Range contains 16 firing lanes. A singular lane is 300 meters long by 20 meters wide. Each lane has seven automated stationary targets. Each stationary target has night muzzle flash simulators. The targets are at the following distances:
2 at 50m
1 at 100m
1 at 150m
1 at 200m
1 at 250m
1 at 300m

Firing Line:
The standard firing line is 320m long with 16 20m wide lanes. A singular lane must have a foxhole and an adjacent prone firing position. Firing positions should be on slightly elevated ground and designated with numbered markers.

Primary Features:
• 112 Stationary Infantry Targets
• 16 Foxholes

The range operations center maintains a system which can score the fully automated targets via computer. The range operating system equipped to provide real-time performance feedback to gunners.

Range and Control Facilities:
• Ammunition Breakdown Building
• Bleacher Enclosure
• Classroom Facility
• Covered Mess
• Control Tower – Small Arms
• Latrine
• Operations/Storage Building

TC 25-8 Training Ranges from May, 20th 2010 shows the basics for the following design information.

Automated Record Fire Range