Farm Pilot Project (FPPC)

Farm Pilot Project Coordination, Inc. (FPPC)

Water Resource Associates (WRA) is currently the Project Manager for the Farm Pilot Project Coordination, Inc., a non-profit organization whose mandate is to assist in implementing innovative treatment technologies to address the problem of animal waste issues from emanating animal feeding operations.  The FPPC has a congressional appropriation to implement pilot projects to address the issues surrounding animal residuals and waste nutrient management.


WRA was selected to institute and develop the FPPC program.  This included developing organizational staffing and procedures.  WRA also developed and facilitated long-range visioning with the FPPC Board with regard to generating and instituting a strategic plan for the organization.


The FPPC has over 25-projects in 11-states in the nation dealing with water quality emanating from concentrated animal feeding operations.  WRA provides technical and administrative support to the FPPC to ensure these projects are completed in a scientifically proficient manner and within standards that are established by the Federal government.