Ensuring Success with WRA Construction Management Services


The overall success of a development project, whether a commercial, industrial or residential project, is generally determined by the project owner’s set criteria and standards. These are often determined well ahead of project initiation of construction. Two standard industry questions owners have are “did my project come in under budget and was my project completed within my set timeframe?” After project completion, an owner’s question is “does my finished project resemble how I envisioned the final product to be?”  Proper Construction Management (CM) Services help to ensure that projects are not only done within budget and on time, but also that the project represents the vision of the owner.

At WRA we offer a variety of CM services to select from, as each client’s needs for project oversight varies depending on their own internal staffing capabilities. For clients with limited staffing and/or in-house project construction oversight, we offer a complete package of CM services, beginning with “Pre-construction Services” and concluding with “Project Certification and Clearance Services.” For clients with internal staff members providing project construction oversight, we offer selective CM field/office services. In these cases, our CM services are dependent and/or streamlined based on the various municipalities/districts with which the project is located. Our CM services are separated into three (3) basic categories: Pre-construction Management Services, Site Construction Management Services and Post-construction Management Services (project certification and permit clearance). A list of our CM services is a follows:

Pre-construction Management Services (CM):

  • Project Engineer’s Construction Cost Estimate
  • Preparation of Project Bidding Documents
  • Preparation of Project Construction Specifications
  • Contractor Pre-qualification
  • Project Bid Solicitation and Bid Analysis
  • Project Pre-construction Meeting

Site Construction Management Services (CM):

  • Coordination with Proper Municipalities During Construction – Compliance Testing and Inspection
  • Contractor Oversight
  • Construction Schedule Maintenance
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Request for Information (RFI) Review and Closure
  • Change Order Review, Closure and Approval Recommendations
  • Progress Pay Application Review and Approval Recommendations

Post-construction Management Services (CM):

  • Certification of Project Substantial Completion Milestone
  • Preparation and Submittal of Project “As-built” and Record Drawings
  • Preparation and Submittal of Project Certification Forms for Various Governmental Agencies/Municipalities
  • Closure of Permit Documents
  • Final Project Certification/Project Closure

Please contact us to discuss how our Construction Management Services can help you finish your projects on time and under budget.