Emerald Greens Country Club

Emerald Greens Golf and Country Club

Hillsborough County, FL

Water Resources | WRA, Inc. | Tampa FLSince 2003, Water Resource Associates (WRA) has been charged with all civil engineering design and construction management oversight for modifications to the 250-acre Emerald Greens Golf and Country Club located in Tampa, Florida. Prior to 2003, the course and associated club amenities were in disrepair, plagued by a number of issues including deteriorating roadway, water, sewer, and storm water infrastructure. Nearly all of the 250-acres exhibited adverse grading and drainage issues that impacted course play and maintenance, as well as surrounding properties.

Water Resources | WRA, Inc. | Tampa FLWRA initially provided civil engineering design and permitting services for a major modification to the 15-acre clubhouse and recreational center (Core Area). WRA’s ability to quickly and efficiently identify, assess and resolve complex civil design issues associated with retrofitting the new infrastructure into the 30-year old site, resulted in WRA being retained to oversee the effort to reconstruct the entire 250-acre golf course and associated maintenance facilities. Since 2003, WRA has been responsible for the following:


  • Civil engineering design and permitting the 15-acre clubhouse and recreational center (Core Area), including the construction of 56 town homes, a 50-unit condominium building, modified clubhouse and amenity facilities, and all associated water, sewer, storm water and roadway infrastructure;
  • Oversight of course design to ensure proper grading, drainage and storm water modifications throughout the entire 250-acres;
  • Tee, green and fairway realignments and grading modifications for target and line-of-site optimization;
  • Design and permitting of a one-acre maintenance yard including all required infrastructure;
  • Coordination and conflict resolution with surrounding property owners to resolve offsite grading and drainage issues and improve overall storm water functionality of the regional system; and
  • Permitting and design coordination with local municipalities, the regional Water Management District and the State Department of Environmental Protection.