Digital Multipurpose Training Range

This Digital Multipurpose Training Range is used to train and test crews and dismounted infantry squads on the skills necessary to detect, identify, engage and defeat stationary infantry and stationary/moving armor targets in a tactical array. In addition to live-fire, this complex can also be used for training with sub-caliber and/or laser training devices. The complex is specifically designed to satisfy the training and qualification requirements for the crews and sections of armor, infantry and aviation units. This complex also supports dismounted infantry squad tactical live-fire operations either independently of, or simultaneously with, supporting vehicles.

Primary features include:
35 Stationary armor targets
6 Moving armor targets
105 Stationary infantry targets (15 clusters @ 7 SITs each)
1 Lane (2 course roads) with midpoint crossover capability
10 Battle positions per lane

All targets are fully automated, utilizing event-specific, computer-driven target scenarios and scoring. Targets will receive and transmit digital data from the range operations center. The captured data is then compiled and available to the unit during the after action review.

This Digital Multipurpose Training Range uses thermal targets, night illumination devices, and hostile-fire, target-kill, and visual flash simulators.

Location of the bore sight must be coordinated with the trainer. Gunnery tasks requiring the usae of the dud producing ammunition cannot be fire on the complex. Provisions for these tasks must be made in impact areas adjacent to the complex. Hard targets may be positioned in the impact area to facilitate RF/IR signatures for aviation gunnery.

Digital Multipurpose Training Range