Danielle Kaminski
Environmental Scientist

Danielle Kaminski is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst and Environmental Scientist at Water Resource Associates (WRA). Ms. Kaminski is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida (USF) and is currently working on her Master’s Graduate Certificate in GIS at USF. Ms. Kaminski performs spatial analysis for a variety of environmental projects, including land management, land development, land acquisition, golf courses and mining projects.

Specifically, Ms. Kaminski has created maps and corresponding databases for calculating reasonable demand for golf course irrigation; land use mapping and wetland functional assessments for a 683 acre reclaimed mine site; land management for a 220+ wetland and upland preservation corridor in South Pasco County; and identifying target wetland restoration parcels for acquisition in the Manatee River Watershed. Ms. Kaminski’s experience includes the following GIS skills: Data acquisition; coordinate system and datum transformations; data conversion including CAD data to GIS and vice versa; database design, creation and maintenance from spatial and non-spatial data; attribute editing; geo-referencing; cartographic design and map making for a variety of print and electronic formats; KML and KMZ conversion for use with Google Earth; collection of GPS locations and way finding and conversion of GPS data into GIS format.