Ft. Carson – Convoy Live Fire Range

Convoy Live Fire Range

Fort Carson, Colorado

WRA provided complete architectural – engineering design and construction support services for a Convoy Live Fire (CLF) training range at Fort Carson, Colorado.  The USACE-Omaha District directed/managed this specific delivery order awarded under WRA’s Huntsville RTLP ID/IQ contract.


This CLF training facility provides Ft Carson a facility to train and evaluate units during a live fire exercise. Units are trained and evaluated on their ability to move tactically, engage targets, improvised explosive devices, and practice target discrimination. This CLF range provides a standard range following the most recent Huntsville standard range guidelines. The facility contains the following 7 objectives:


  • Entry Control Point (ECP)
  • React to Sniper
  • React to Ambush (Blocked)
  • React to Ambush (Unblocked)
  • React to Ambush (Urban Environment)
  • React to RPG Team
  • React to Technical Vehicles>

The unique terrain provided at Ft. Carson allows this CLF range to take on realistic, mission critical, training exercises that very closely reflect the conditions our troops are facing each day in Iraq and Afghanistan. As indicated by one of the Ft Carson trainers, the location of the React to Sniper within an area called “crooked canyon” is a true replication of the Afghanistan mountain terrain.


The Range Operations and Control Area (ROCA) included the following standard buildings: Operations / Storage Building, Ammunition Breakdown Building, and Vaulted Latrine. The building designs are considered “smart” designs that incorporate practical, energy saving design elements meeting the intent of LEED guidance within the range program amount.


The design was completed on time and within budget. The construction award was significantly below WRA’s construction cost estimate and construction was completed in 2011.

Project Components

– Project Management
– Site Planning
– Line-of-Sight Analysis
– Stormwater Design
– Channel Stabilization
– ACOE Wetland Coordination
– Permitting Facilitation
– Mass Grade Optimization
– Advance Terrain Modeling
– Construction Documents
– Specifications (SpecsIntact)
– M-CACES Cost Estimates

WRA has also completed an Urban Assault Course at Ft. Carson.