Construction Complete on the Convoy Live Fire Range Designed by WRA

WRA provided complete project management and engineering design services for a Convoy Live Fire (CLF) training range at Yakima Training Center (YTC), Washington for the Huntsville Army Corps of Engineers.
WRA capitalized on the unique terrain at YTC for this CLF to allow units to execute realistic, mission-critical training exercises that very closely reflect the conditions soldiers are facing each day in Iraq and Afghanistan.

WRA’s unique 3D Visualization software was used to model and design critical training components including urban facades, target clusters associated with the required objectives, and the critical entry control point to train engagements on vehicle targets maneuvering through staggered barricades.


“USACE Huntsville and other POCs conducted their Targetry Interface Inspection (TII) of the YTC CLF Range project on 20 Nov 14. We had earlier passed the CII with “flying colors” and HNC told us after we successfully passed the TII last month, that they had never inspected a range construction project that had ZERO deficiencies before, but that they found no problems or punch-list items at all on our range. Your firm’s original design and your DoR assistance to us during the construction phase of the project, was of course, a major contributor to those very satisfactory results.”     – Bill, Project Manager