Camp Blanding- CACTF

Combined Arms Collective Training Facilty (CACTF)

Camp Blanding, Florida

CAFTF2_300The Florida Army National Guard required the upgrade and expansion of their existing Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) facility into a Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF).  The project included two objectives: (1) Retrofit the facility’s existing 19 buildings with power and data for new targetry, cameras and instrumentation, and (2) Adding 18 new training buildings, a new combined Range Operations Center/After Action Review/Latrine building, and an Operations/Storage building.


CAFTF3_300WRA, as a subconsultant to Pond & Company, provided expert range knowledge, site/civil engineering and environmental services as part of the Florida based team that successfully completed the design in 2012 on-time and within budget. WRA design elements included:


  • site layout and grading,
  • roadway design,
  • water supply well upgrades and piping for the wet latrine,
  • sanitary discharge drain field,
  • stormwater system and Florida Environmental Resource Permit preparation, and
  • line of sight analysis for CACTF camera positions.

WRA’s familiarity with the representatives from ATSC-TCM-Live, PEO-STRI, NGB-ART-S, and the Huntsville COE, resulting from our extensive range design experience, promoted the important dialogue needed to ensure the most current CACTF design elements were efficiently incorporated into the final plans and designs.