CACTF – FCC 17901


This Combined Arms Collective Training Facility CACTF is designed to conduct mult-echelon, full spectrum operations training up to battalion TF level. The CACTF will accomodate Force on Force (FOF) and Force on Targetry (FOT).

Primary features include:
1 School
1 Church/cemetery
1 Police station/Jail
1 Hotel
9 Residences
4 Businesses
1 Townhouse
1 Bank
2 Warehouses
1 Government Building
1 Office
1 Service Station

Recommended features include:
Tunnel/Sewer System
Town Shanty
One, three-story buildings
Breachable walls
Mouse holes

15 Precision/Human urban targets (HUT)
30 SITs (Recommended RF/Reconfigurable)
9 SATs (Recommended RF/Reconfigurable)

Associated Range Operations and Control facilities:
Range Operations Center, Large (17124)
Operations/Storage Building (17122)
Latrine (73075)
Covered Mess (17116)
Large AAR (17117)

All targets are fully automated, utilizing event-specific, computer-driven target scenarios and scoring. Targets will receive and transmit data from the range operations center. The captured data is then compiled and available to the unit during the after action review. All targetry are life-like precision targets that have reconfigurable plug and play capability.

Camera Coverage Requirement:
80% of Buildings with 80% room coverage; considerations should be given to hallways and stairwells.

Live-fire ballistic ammunition is prohibited on this facility. Pyrotechnics are not authorized for training in the tunnel system.

Additional Information: The ROCA should not be located in the immediate vicinity of the urban training area.