Bruce C. Wolny, P.E.
Professional Engineer

Bruce’s primary role with WRA is permitting coordinator. During his tenure with WRA, he has developed significant expertise in all aspects of permitting coordination, from pre-application meetings, to preparation of initial submittal packages, design exceptions & alternative standards, addressing permitting authority comments and concerns, and post construction project clearance. He works regularly with a number of permitting authorities, including, but not limited to, County Development Services, County Utilities, the Water Management District, FDEP, FEMA, and FDOT. One of Bruce’s most valuable assets as a permitting coordinator is expediting the permitting process, so that overall project delivery can happen in the timeliest manner possible. Bruce also assists with drafting tasks associated with construction plans updates during the permitting review process, which enables the core production staff can better focus on pre-permitting civil design.

Although Bruce’s primary role is to support senior project managers as a permitting coordinator for larger projects, he also spearheads management of many smaller projects, such as SWFWMD stormwater inspections, and remediation of HOA stormwater management systems.

Bruce is also very adept utility design and engineering, including preliminary research of existing utility infrastructure, lift station design, and water supply network analysis.

Bruce also assists with pre-production due diligence research, including procurement and review of previous permitting plans and records, analyzing topographic data, assembling records of zoning restrictions, researching potential environmental restrictions, and cursory research of publicly available legal documents, such as existing deeds, covenants, and plats.

He also periodically assists with construction management, by performing shop drawing review, conducting pre-construction meetings with regulatory staff and contractors, and facilitates project closeout, including coordination of final inspections with permitting authorities, and preparation of record drawings.

Bruce received his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering in 2010 and his Master’s Degree in Water Resources Engineering in 2016, both from the University of South Florida in Tampa. Bruce has also been a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Florida since 2016.