Brett French
Professional Engineer

Mr. Brett French is a Professional Engineer (Florida PE 83383, Civil Engineer / Water Resources) with eight years of progressive experience (as of 2020). He has successfully completed various types of projects related to water resources such as: flooding complaint investigations; drainage improvements; transportation drainage design; grading and drainage design for site development; watershed modeling; FEMA “No-Rise” Certifications; Scour Analyses; Mine Hydrology & Hydraulics; and has successfully obtained construction permits amongst the various municipalities and government agencies within Florida. Mr. French holds the position of Manager of Water Resources at WRA Engineering where he oversees the approach and execution of the stormwater analyses for site development projects. His expertise includes identifying site development opportunities related to stormwater such as combining floodplain compensation with required wetland mitigation, preserving onsite wetlands that can supplement stormwater treatment and attenuation requirements, and utilizing existing topography and groundwater conditions to efficiently place stormwater ponds and minimize costly earthwork.

Mr. French received his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from Florida Gulf Coast University and his Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of South Florida. He is an avid outdoorsman and can typically be found fishing the flats within Tampa Bay during his free time.