Benderson Aquatic Center

Nathan Benderson Aquatic Nature Center

Sarasota County, FL

Nathan Benderson Aquatic Center | WRA, Inc. | EngineersThe Nathan Benderson Aquatic Nature Center is proposed to be developed at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota County, FL.  The park site encompasses an area approximately 600 acres with nearly 400 acres consisting of the lake.  WRA was selected by Benderson Development and Sarasota County from a pool of civil engineering firms to lead the engineering design for the $19.5 million Phase I and II improvements.  These improvements include the following:  earthmoving improvements to create land masses and reshaping of lake shorelines including lake dredging, 20’ vehicular road to access the proposed facilities, additional parking areas, pedestrian walkways and shell pathways linking recreational amenities across the park, utility installation to service proposed and future buildings, creation of pedestrian footbridges and vehicular bridges, docks, and boat launches.


Nathan Benderson Aquatic Center | WRA, Inc. | EngineersWRA was tasked with leading the design and permitting for the Park improvements which consisted of a series of tasks and Phases to implement the required construction activities.  These activities were intimately integrated into the master plan for the park to avoid any conflicts with current on-going planned events.  Specific engineering design and permitting icnldued the following:


  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling for lake improvements
  • Environmental Wetland Design for planned wetland impacts and mitigation
  • Fill and Dredge Management Plan
  • Master Utility Design for Implementation of all current and future phases
  • Specific Grading Plans for all roadways, regatta island, etc.
  • SWFWMD, ACOE, and Sarasota County permitting
  • Water Quality Monitoring Plan and Services