Bald Eagle Nest Permitting Florida

Bald Eagle Nest Permitting in Florida

Is your project in need of Bald Eagle Nest Permitting in Florida?

Bald Eagle nesting season, in Florida, is approaching in October. As the Hurricane season heats up, it’s important to consider that during these tropical storms, the trees holding bald eagle nests could potentially be damaged or blown down. Bald eagles typically return to establish nests and re-use them annually (referred to as nest fidelity). If a bald eagle nest is damaged or lost due to a tropical storm, the bald eagles utilizing that nest will need to identify new trees to establish their nests.

Bald eagle nesting season, in Florida, is from October 1- May 15. Bald eagles and their nests are protected by the “Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and Migratory Bird Treaty Act” enacted in 1940. This means developers are required to avoid disturbance and/or impacts to eagles and their nests. When it comes to construction or development activities in the nearby areas, there must be: 

  • Maintain applicable buffers (no work allowed) within 660 feet of the bald eagle nest
  • If work is allowable within 660 feet, bald eagle nest monitoring by an experienced professional is required to ensure no disturbance is occurring
  • The developer should maintain any already established landscape buffers
  • If possible, create additional landscape buffers to screen the new activity from the nest
Bald Eagle Nest Permitting in Florida

WRA’s Environmental team is experienced in Bald Eagle Nest Permitting in Florida, monitoring and project design to avoid disturbing bald eagles. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about bald eagles on your project.

WRA provides a multitude of Environmental services, including other listed species such services as:


• Site Due Diligence
• Listed Species Reporting
• Rezoning and Entitlements
• ESA Section 7 Consultations
• ESA Section 10 Consultations
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• Gopher Tortoise Permitting
• Gopher Tortoise Relocation
• Bald Eagle Permitting
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• Sherman’s Fox Squirrel Surveys
• Indigo Snake Surveys
• FL Sandhill Crane Surveys
• Southeastern American Kestrel
• Red Cockaded Woodpecker

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