Critical Linkage Corridors

If you’re a resident, landowner or a professional involved in development or transportation in Pasco County, you should be aware that an updated draft ordinance on Critical Linkage Corridors is currently working its way through the Board of County Commissioners, most recently presented at a workshop in mid-February.  According to the Pasco County website, the Critical Linkage ordinance is the result of a 2000 Settlement Agreement which commissioned a 2002 wildlife study performed by Glatting Jackson.  A copy of the wildlife study can be found on the Pasco County website (below).  While the Critical Linkage Corridor ordinance will provide restrictions to private property owners, the regional approach to land conservation may provide landowners opportunities for wetland mitigation using a watershed approach which is a significant component of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) 2008 Mitigation Rule.